Warren Setches

George was fantastic. Very efficient, very communicative. He told us how it was going every step of the way. Stuck to the timelines which was important for us and the workmanship on the Carrera van was very good because they are custom built. The Carrera van is great. It’s perfect. It’s custom built. It’s exactly what we wanted. There was no bad experience. They ticked all the boxes.

Peter Cantwell

Yeah I’m happy with the Carrera van. It tows brilliant, a lot better than the other one. It’s easy to tow, it’s easy to set up. And we got a new annex with it too, and it was really really good to set up. We’ve been doing this [caravanning] for 20 years. The feeling of quality with the Carrera van, the finish of it – we’ve had quite a few vans over the 20 years – the Carrera van was by far the best one for quality and to me, it still is.

Jeff T, Melbourne

RV Sales Australia had the exact van we were searching for among their high-end quality, pre-owned stock. We were impressed by the immaculate presentation of all stocked vans and it is obvious that they are serious about only offering the best available vans at realistic prices. It was a relaxed and pleasurable experience dealing with their helpful staff and we have no hesitation in giving them five stars.

Len, Melton

I have had the pleasure of listing for sale my New Age Pop Top Caravan with RV Sales Australia in Thomastown and I found them to be very helpful from the start to when they sold my van 3 weeks later the way they presented my van was first class and what they promised they delivered. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone thinking of selling their caravan.

Brendan Maskell

Anyone wanting to buy or sell a caravan look no further than RV Sales in Thomastown Victoria. I put my trust in the team at RV Sales Australia to sell our van and was totally blown away by the professionalism that greeted me. They were up front straight away and extremely confident. A thorough detailing of the van was done and it was immaculate. which resulted in the quick sale. The showroom and facilities were spotless, and which was a credit to them. Thank you to all at RV Sales Australia, for a ten-out-of-ten experience!

Warren and Diane West, NSW

RV Sales Australia were our “guardian angel” when we were rung by a rep from Cell Caravans to say they were under Liquidation and to “come quickly and get your van out of the yard” where they had it to sell for us. Living in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, we had a problem. We rang RV Sales Australia and they moved our van within 3 weeks. Prior to that it had been on the Cell lot for 5 months! We can’t thank RV Sales Australia enough for their care and genuine nature in helping us at a time when we were in need of assistance. They have a lot of experience in the Caravan industry and have a caring and genuine attitude to do “the very best they can, for each customer”, which is rare these days. We are indebted to them for their help and the swift selling of our van. Thank you is not nearly enough.

Steve Hubbard (Gippsland, Victoria)

It was potluck that we really went up there at the time. I was just looking for caravans, a second hand one and we had a look at a few, then we ended up having a look at the ones at RV Sales Australia. When we went up there, we had a look at a second-hand van they had, and even had a second look at that one. We made an offer on it, but just as we were going to go and sign for it, we ended up having a look at the new vans at RV Sales Australia and ended up buying a new one from them instead. We wanted something a bit bigger. The price seemed to be right, and the wife really liked it, it had everything she wanted. Everything. Everything works and it has everything that we wanted. George was really good. He’s been good to deal with I must admit.

Dale and Donna Royal (Brisbane)

We were about to buy a similar van from another company but theirs was terrible, the quality of finishing was absolutely terrible. So I ended up pulling the pin on the other company and flew down to visit RV Sales Australia. When I arrived at RV Sales Australia I went through every single van that they had and they were all nice. Really nicely finished. We love our van. We absolutely love it! In just every way. All the finishings are really nice. My wife only saw the van when I came back with it from Melbourne. She was amazed. She thought it was absolutely awesome. Everything that she wanted. Everything works good. The attention to detail is pretty good. We got a 5-year warranty. The suspension is bloody amazing. For the price they gave you, you get everything that is not normally on another van. I’ve got a 200 series in it and it pulled it easily. I was pretty happy with it. And we’ve gone up to Woodgate which is a five-and-a-half-hour trip and it’s no dramas at all. My wife wanted all black fixtures, and they went out of their way to source all black fixtures. George goes out of his way and makes sure everything is awesome. He wants everything to be smooth. George has been in the industry for a long time. He is a really nice bloke. I still keep in touch with him. And his wife is pretty awesome too. We got our van as a full off-road van. We want to do a lap around Australia, that’s what we will be doing.

Stephen Bailey (Ballarat, Victoria)

From the first phone call, from the delivery of the van, there’s not many places that you get customer service like that. I should have made the first appointment with them when I was looking. The layout of the display, the whole place. Unbelievable. Everything’s immaculate. There was no pressure whatsoever from George. That’s the best way to describe it. It was excellent. My van is awesome! I took it up to 95kms/hr and it just sat there, steady. I’ve got no anti-sway gear on it, and I’m towing it with a Toyota Hilux. Absolutely amazed! That’s why I was impressed when I got it. I had no hassles. I towed it to Peterborough in the beautiful Melbourne storms, with winds of about 70-75kms and that van never swayed. I’m living in it for the next ten to fifteen years. And then when I’m ready, I’ll ring George up and go get another one! The main thing is – it is a perfect van, a perfect buddy with every goddamn thing, all the insides, finished off. Everything’s absolutely perfect.

Scott Stevens

I ended up with exactly what I wanted, delivered on time, on budget, no problems. I live in New Zealand and decided I wanted an Aussie Caravan. Our Carrera iVenture III Family Bunk Van is perfect. We have used it in the most extreme alpine conditions in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. The weight is well distributed, and it tows like a dream, easy to manoeuvre over mountain passes on snow and ice with a solid well-built chassis and excellent suspension. We cannot fault the design and layout. It has everything we need in a home away from home with 2 kids under 5, and a great looking van too. Top marks. Bloody beauty. Thanks RV Sales Australia!


The team at RV Sales Australia was fantastic, are very professional and were not pushy at all. I found them to be very good. We were given a rundown of each van, how they are built, where they are built, everything. We had a budget and the caravan we chose was within our budget. And there was no pressure. We are very pleased. The Carrera iVenture I Family Bunk Van ticks all the boxes for everything that we are after in a van.

Glenn Craig

RV Sales Australia are pretty genuine, good to deal with. We had a look at a couple of different caravans and we saw the Carrera iVenture III and we liked the look of it and the price was in our range. We bought the caravan for myself, my wife, two children and a little French bulldog. It had everything that we were after. It ticked all the boxes for us. The layout. The price. The features. Yeah it ticked a lot of boxes. We’re pretty happy with it.

Brett & Kerry Holmes, NSW

We live in country New South Wales, and we bought a Carrera Trekseeker from RV Sales Australia by doing a FaceTime walkthrough. I thought the RV Sales team were really good. The actual things that we got; they really suit our purpose. We do a lot of off-grid camping. When we looked at the photos and the inclusions, we were more than happy with the Carrera. The bang for buck had big points from me. When we picked our Carrera caravan up from Albury, I was so excited. I love the look of it. RV Sales even organised to get it over the border, and they are still being helpful even up until this day.

Stephen Scimonello, Victoria

It was the first time I ever bought a very valuable caravan online. I bought the iVenture II caravan and the team at RV Sales Australia gave me the confidence to buy my caravan online, sight unseen, and it was great. It had the bells and whistles going for it. The iVenture II was already built off the floor. It was all done. It had everything in it. We wanted the capacity to go off road for a bit and go camping and it has everything we wanted. I did add another grey water tank and the RV Sales bike rack system. I like the overall quality of it really. It’s high off the ground which is good. It sits well on the road, it tows well, and it looks pretty good as well. We have been out caravanning twice in our iVenture II and we are about to go again. We have been in it a few times. I wouldn’t have any hesitation recommending George or this caravan to anyone. Bloody good van. I was very fortunate to get this one, it’s a fantastic caravan.

Rick Palmer, Queensland

My iVenture III caravan was bought sight unseen from RV Sales Australia. I was Googling going through caravan sales online and found it. I love my caravan. Love it. RV Sales Australia just built it to what we needed. It has a slide out barbeque – every man’s dream. We picked it up and brought it back from Melbourne back to Queensland. RV Sales Australia was seamless from the point of ordering it to the point of delivery. The RV Sales team were great, couldn’t have asked for anything better, very pleasant to deal with and very helpful.

Colin Kent, Gippsland Victoria

We saw our online van during lockdown. RV Sales had the video, and it was pretty detailed. Their vans are covered by warranty, so you know you’re not going to go too far wrong. We’ve used our Trekseeker II semi off-road van twice now for a long time. Very happy with it. We got what we expected and it’s good and value for money. It all works really well. The fridge, the ensuite, the storage. Really good. And the slide-out barbecue was a standout for me. It tows really well, everything works properly, the brakes are really good on it. We got the 12-inch brakes. The brakes are a standout, they were excellent. The after sales service has been good too. Very happy.

Neville Dyt, Warragul Victoria

We looked online and went to the RV Sales website. The videos are very important. They are very detailed videos. And when we came to have a look in person, and we were surprised the RV Sales caravans were exactly like the videos. The team at RV Sales are spot on. They have the experience and answer all the questions. We bought the Trekseeker II and it ticked all the boxes of what we wanted. I was looking for an off-road and semi off-road caravan and I got that. My wife has already travelled a week and a half with our caravan. She loved it. Everything is new. The decor inside is very good, sharp, and modern but not over the top. At first the caravan looks daunting and big, but when I am towing it, I don’t feel it on the road. I found everything really good, it feels stable. And the fridge is a bloody beauty! I really like our Trekseeker II caravan.

Holly LHolly L

We looked and talked to loads of companies. By far George and his team were the best. Truthful, patient, diligent! Not pushy, no sales rubbish. We bought a quality ‘full off road’ van that thrived (even on the Gibb!!). Where other companies were ready to sell us what they had (or wanted to get rid of), George listened and guided us to something that was right for us.
5 stars aren’t enough!

Robert McCrindleRobert McCrindle

We have had our new Carrera Trekseeker 11 now for more than a year and we can honestly give 2 thumbs up for this Van. Took a trip to Cairns Qld this year, tows beautifully and we have had no issues at all - with it. George, his wife and son - James, have done a great job of putting these vans together, it has everything you need and is total luxury. For the record, the Hilux does a great job of towing it - ours is approx 3.0 tonne fully loaded and we got a constant 15.6 Ltr / 100 Km fuel consumption, which i thought was remarkable.
Very happy guys, will definately consider R V Australia again for our next Van purchase. Cheers

Manny AvellinoManny Avellino

Looking for a caravan can be so dauting as there are so many out there with so many varying designs and different levels of build quality. If you are looking for a caravan and an experienced RV dealer, then you cannot go wrong using the professional team at RV Sales Australia in Thomastown, Victoria. From the minute we walked into the showroom we fell in love with the designs and the level of build quality and the fact that what we wanted was standard in the vans and not additional options, George detailed and explained all the characteristics of their designs and answered all our questions with confidence. We are so happy with our Carrera Trekseeker I off-road caravan and highly recommend the team at RV Sales Australia.

Robert FrancazioRobert Francazio

So glad we came across the team at RV Sales Australia. If you want quality product, exceptional service and an overall fantastic experience, hit them up.

We love our van, and if there is ever a question that needs to be answered, the team are always there to support me.

I'm very fond of a family-run business, and the Pannunzio family are at the top of the game. Highly recommended.

Thank you James & Co.

Penni SymesPenni Symes

We ordered our Carrera Trekseeker II 20.5" during the Victorian lockdown in September 2001 using only the online videos and by phone and email communications with James.
James was excellent and always a pleasure to deal with when making our enquiries. He continues to provide that level of service after our purchase which is a great sign of their business culture.
He always responded back immediately to the multitude of questions we raised and then in the completion of our sales order. We ordered in September 2021 and delivery was in May 2022 as promised by James and the staff at RV Sales Australia.
Handover went smoothly although our initial setup with our vehicle was not ideal. We would recommend to anyone to ensure their vehicle and new caravan connections are tested before driving away the first time. A trial run is needed.
We are absolutely delighted with our Trekseeker II having travelled 10,000 km on the black and some dirt. There have been no major issues at all, a couple of minor ones that James sorted out straight away.
On our travels we have encountered other Carrera owners who have all been very satisfied with their caravans and who also commented on the great personal and professional service they received at RV Sales Australia.
Thank you to James and all the team for manufacturing quality products with exceptional personal service.
Penni and Peter, SA.