Vantec Exterior Coating

From the moment your caravan, camper or RV leaves the showroom it will begin to suffer environmental damage caused by weather, solutions and exposure to the elements. This damage can decrease the life of your new van and eventually its resale value.


Our exterior coating is manufactured using nano particles, Silicon carbide and Silica Dioxide, the same material that’s used in the glass manufacture process. When applied to your RV’s exterior surface it results in a highly reflective and transparent protective layer that offers incredible durability and a reflective rich gloss shine.

Vantec NextGen ingredients form a precise and uniform layer giving excellent water repellence helping prevent stains on the RV’s exterior surfaces. Once applied Vantec NextGen develops a strong chemical bond crosslinking during the curing process. This offers excellent durability and protective qualities against environmental damage.

  • Helps prevent permanent damage caused by water marks, tree sap, bug splatter, loss of gloss finish
  • Reduces RV maintenance
  • Keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer
  • Protects against damage caused by common environmental contaminants
  • Eliminates the need to wax and polish
  • Maximises resale value
  • Once off application
  • Professionally applied
  • National Lifetime warranty – transferrable

*Warranty terms and conditions apply.